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Health Law Newsletter Archives

Fall 2006

  • Sereboff v. Mid Atlantic Medical Services, Inc.
  • Medicaid 101: Navigating the Labyrinth
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D) - An Overview
  • CODED and ANONYMOUS GENETIC RESEARCH: New Notice and Opt Out Requirement
  • Compliance, Reimbursement and the Clinical Laboratory

Spring 2005

  • Oregon Patient Safety
  • Commission Update
  • Economic Credentialing
  • Legislative Update

Fall 2004

  • Stark II Phase II Final Regulations
  • Oregon Patient Safety
  • Ninth Circuit ERISA Ruling

Summer 2004

  • Ninth Circuit Continues Injunction Against The Ashcroft Direction
  • Stark Law Limitations on Physician Referrals for Durable Medical Equipment
  • An Advocate's View of LIPA

Spring 2003

  • Physician Noncompetes: Still Necessary and Useful?
  • HIPAA Preemption of Oregon Law: Oregon Confidentiality Law After April 14, 2003
  • Tax Court Rules Shareholder Salary is Dividend

Winter 2003

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and the Not-For-Profit Health Care Industry

Fall 2002

  • Ballot Measure 23
  • New Genetic Privacy Rules Arrive in Oregon
  • Physician-Assisted Suicide Debate Continues

Spring 2002

  • US Supreme Court Issues First Decision on Spousal Impoverishment Provisions of Medicaid Law
  • Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Company v. Knudson: Limits on ERISA based health plan enforcement of third party reimbursement recovery provisions
  • Interest groups, legislature bring suit against Governor

Summer 2001

  • Oregon Health Law Manual Volume 4

Spring 2001

  • The Uncertain Future of the HIPAA Patient Privacy Regulations
  • HCFA Releases Part 1 of Stark II Final Regulations
  • Recent EMTALA Decision: Arrington v. Wong